Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I left my heart in San Francisco...

Today is another sad day in my life.

Just because I prefer men does not make me a better person than my friends who prefer persons of the same sex. I honestly cannot believe that we are stuck with people who have such antiquated points of view and can't see past their own noses, PINOCCHIO!!!

I cried the day I saw men and men, and women and women marrying. Last year at Gay Pride in San Francisco, I witnessed HUNDREDS of couples getting married, with family in tow and making history. That day they started a new life for themselves, and were able to share their love with their family and with the world. Tears could not be stopped from falling down my face. All the love that was felt that day was so overwhelming and I would never want to give up having experienced that.

To all of the people that voted YES on Prop 8, I ask you this: Do you have slaves on your plantation? Do you attend WHITE ONLY or BLACK ONLY schools and churches and grocery stores? Do you believe that there are people in this world that are sub-human? Is the golden rule thrown out the window just because YOU feel uncomfortable?

I am NOT religious. I love the human race. We are all beautiful creatures, and I do not believe that we should be treated any differently just because the colour of our skin may be different or we love someone who has the same private parts as we do. There are a lot of people in my life that do not share the same opinion about this as I do, and I struggle with it a lot. I love them despite their faults, I mean, their own opinions.

My friends are AMAZING people, and I do not like seeing them get hurt. They love who they love and there is nothing you can do about it. TRUST ME. If we have survived marital discrimination for the past 60 years because of the colour of someone's skin, why can't we allow people to marry whatever gender they choose?

How come 18,000 people who were married in California can remain married, but my friends can't get married tomorrow? I don't think a lot of you who voted for prop 8 realize how much pain you have caused. Not only for HOMOSEXUALS but their HETEROSEXUAL family and friends.

So I beg of you. Think about how you would feel if someone told you that you could not marry your fiancé or fiancée just because he or she was Christian. Or Republican. Or from Arkansas. (no offense to any Christians/Republicans/people from Arkansas, really) Do you see how ridiculous that sounds when you say that out loud? "I'm sorry, I can't marry you because you're a Christian Republican from Arkansas." CRAZY, right???

We are all born human, we are all born equal.

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