Monday, July 20, 2009

Mr & Mrs Burns

Sue Burns, part owner of the Giants, passed away on Sunday morning...

She was 58. FIFTY-EIGHT!! Her husband died several years ago at the age of 61...At 26 I know it sounds weird to say this, but they were SO YOUNG. My mom is 65 and we recently celebrated my dad's 69th birthday. I cannot imagine what the Burns family is feeling right now. Both children to lose their parents at such a young age. I know that there are children that lose their parents at younger ages, but (and I know this is selfish) to have your parents for certain amount of time, and then whoosh! they are taken from you...Sometimes you feel like it wasn't enough time, even though you had them for twenty or thirty-something years...I know I can't stand living with mine right now, but I can't imagine a life without them. The Burns children are not too much older than I am...I just can't believe how devastating this must be.

The family has been such a great influence in my community, and to many of my friends. Although I did not know Sue and Harmon Burns personally, everything they did for my community, be it on the Peninsula or for the Giants (or both), I am very grateful for them and what they shared while they were on this earth.

Thank you Sue and Harmon Burns for being a part of bringing so much happiness into my life, and to the lives of the million others that you touched.

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