Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm a Vegetarian, Whoa!

I am house/dog sitting for a family friend right now...The dog is absolutely adorable, too cute for words. He is half pit bull and half rhodesian ridgeback. (ridgeback wins on the cuteness) Vincent, that IS his name, although half pit bull, is such a SOFTY. He snuggles. He kisses. He loves. Just don't point that lipstick at me, DOG! But seriously, he's awesome.

Tonight I was so tired, I did not want to go out and get food. So I toured the pantry and the fridge...This house usually holds THREE TEENAGERS, and two quite "healthy"...um...fitness enthusiasts? All I could find was protein powder in the pantry and whip cream in the fridge. WHAT THE FUCK? How do these people survive? I don't understand...Don't they eat...FOOD? As I laid on the bed trying desperately to psych myself up to go out and sustenance, I was instant messaging my friend Mike, begging him to tell what to go out and get...As he typed...I casually looked at Vincent and thought..."you know, I've been a vegetarian for FIVE YEARS...maybe I should just break down and eat the dog?" Funny enough, Mike had the same thoughts...

Poor Vincent. If he only knew...

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