Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Love Neil Patrick Harris!!!

He is AWESOME, and if he is willing, I would love to carry his children. (and keep one, please)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Want My, I Want My...


I FINALLY got a new car...a 2007 Mazda 3. SOOO EXCITING!!! I'm finally becoming an adult! Kind of. Sort of. OK, I really do NOT want to become an adult, but I guess it KIND OF has to happen some time..

So I got it in August, and have been driving around with that damn sticker on the bottom corner of the front windshield for registration, and the dealer's paper plates on the front and back of the car. Today, I received my ATM card (totally diff't story, but wahoo!) and my license plates w/registration stickers. WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I get to take the sticker off and take those damn dealer ads off!!

I was super excited today bc now it feels as the car is really mine. OK so I sent in my first monthly payment yesterday and I have 41 more to go, but WHO CARES, I AM DRIVING A CAR!!!! It's so nice to drive around NOT being the douche that is flashing the fact that they just recently purchased a vehicle. Also, I don't have to pay $60 or $80 or $100 to fill up my tank anymore! My car doesn't leak oil! It doesn't make weird noises on the freeway! My car is not the most luxurious, but it's better than my last, and I fucking love it.

Oh yeah, and I have a trunk. That no one can see inside of. HA! Awesome!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Sky Is Burping

I was graciously woken up at 4:15 AM to the beautiful sounds of thunder rolling through the sky...I've been waiting for this soo long, and I just wish that rain was here to accompany it. Living in California, this doesn't last long and every moment is so damn special. I'm lying in the dark, anxiously awaiting each burst of light to hear the beautiful sounds of the sky...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pamela Anderson Says...

"Nothing's been shot into this face"

HA HA HA!!!!!!! She's hilarious.


I Am Now Twenty-Old. Yes, Twenty-Old.

But I got a Wii for my birthday!!!!! I hung out with my sister, brother in law, and nephew on Monday (Labor Day, wahoo!! I got my birthday off from work!!!) and just ate pizza, and watched the Giants game. They beat the SHIT out of the Padres. Boo-ya!!! hahaha :)

So a great birthDAY it was...

The best sister and her husband are potty-training my THREE YEAR OLD nephew, and OH how he is resisting. He's come a long way, and HE WILL be potty-trained soon!!! (we all hope)...but again to the best part...

When asked how is diaper or underwear is, he won't even let you finish - just interrupts you as if you've bothered him during a game of World of Warcraft and says "IT'S POOPECT!!!" What Tyler? How's - "IT'S POOPECT!!!!!!!!" (perfect, for those who need translating)

Do you need to - "NO, IT'S POOPECT!!!"

And there you have it. Potty-training a three year old, and it's POOPECT.