Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Am Now Twenty-Old. Yes, Twenty-Old.

But I got a Wii for my birthday!!!!! I hung out with my sister, brother in law, and nephew on Monday (Labor Day, wahoo!! I got my birthday off from work!!!) and just ate pizza, and watched the Giants game. They beat the SHIT out of the Padres. Boo-ya!!! hahaha :)

So a great birthDAY it was...

The best sister and her husband are potty-training my THREE YEAR OLD nephew, and OH how he is resisting. He's come a long way, and HE WILL be potty-trained soon!!! (we all hope)...but again to the best part...

When asked how is diaper or underwear is, he won't even let you finish - just interrupts you as if you've bothered him during a game of World of Warcraft and says "IT'S POOPECT!!!" What Tyler? How's - "IT'S POOPECT!!!!!!!!" (perfect, for those who need translating)

Do you need to - "NO, IT'S POOPECT!!!"

And there you have it. Potty-training a three year old, and it's POOPECT.

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