Sunday, November 15, 2009

I want, I need!!!

I'm a dog sitter. Well, that is my side job. I dog sit. Why? Because I need the money. OK, besides that, I LOVE dogs. I want one so badly! It's kind of like that feeling women get when they feel that clock ticking. Except I am SO not ready to have a child. I want a dog. So, I dog sit, and I get that feeling that I actually have one, and then I give them back to their owners and I'm me again. Lonely, only girl.

This dog, his name is Vincent. He is the cutest. He is the best cuddler ever. He does not know HOW to properly act like a Congressman while outside. Yes he walks like a drunk. He riles up other dogs. But overall, he charms the pants off of everyone he meets. Well, except for that cat lady over on Polk and California. She's mean. Mean old cat lady!! His owners know how well they have it with Vincent, but I still wish I could keep him!!! He's awesome!!

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