Saturday, November 7, 2009

Point Break Live!

Last night, I went with a group to EXPERIENCE a little phenomenon called POINT BREAK LIVE! If you have never heard of it, well my friends, you should check it out. If you were AT ALL impressed with the Keanu Reeves, Gary Busy, and the late Patrick Swayze in this intense surf drama, well then, you will LOVE Point Break Live. Featured at the Metreon in San Francisco, this tiny operation of ludicrousness is presented in a small theatre, with all homemade costumes, and bodacious actors. :) Audience members wear plastic ponchos to save themselves from spit, beer, water and kool aid. AND CAN YOU BELIEVE that in this tiny theatre we all gather to and commit to rejoice in the amazingness of Keanu Reeves? An audience member is chosen to play Johnny Utah, and in our show, Johnny happened to be a Spaniard who was barely audible. NICE.

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