Sunday, November 15, 2009


I just found my first two gray hairs today. GRAY!!!! WTF. I'm ONLY 27. ONLY!!! I dragged one of my besties into the bathroom and asked "Is this BLONDE or this GRAY?" Obviously I said that nervously and she began to laugh. "GRAY!!!" Of course she'd laugh. She's had gray hairs since what, high school? Freshman year in college? BAH!!!

So then I call my parents. "Dad, when did you and mom start getting gray?" He laughs. Waits a beat. Turns to my mom and asks, "When did we start going gray?" She responds with, "I don't know, maybe our 50's?" WHAT???? WAIT. Then she says, "You know, I had some when we were living on King Street." WHAT???? She was like, in her late twenties/early thirties! NOT MAKING ME FEEL BETTER MOM!!! So I come home, try to relax.

Then I show my roommate Kendall the gray hair, and she says, "Wait, that one?"


Then these feelings of fear and anxiety rush through my body. The same anxiety I felt when I got my period when I was ELEVEN. ELEVEN!!! TOO YOUNG!!! UGH. Again, gray hairs. TOO YOUNG!! At least with my period, I wasn't alone. Dylan McKay's sister got her period that night too. January 12, 1994. I KNOW. CRAZY, right???

So now, here I sit, wondering if these are just two freak gray hairs, or if this is what I have to look forward to during the next year or so. Will half of my hair be gray by the end of 2010? Is this the build up to 2012??? THE END OF THE WORLD WHEN ALL OF MY HAIR TURNS GRAY?????

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