Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa! Santa! Santa!!!!!!

This is the first year that my nephew has really had a grasp of Christmas and who Santa Claus is...Let me tell you...for a little boy who's response is always "But we NEED to buy this!!!", waiting for presents from Santa is EXTREMELY difficult.

He's only 3 and 1/2.

I spent the night at my sister and brother in law's place last night, and was very happy to experience the Nugget's first "cognisant" Christmas. He could NOT wait to open up his presents. Getting him to bed was difficult for my sister, but when she warned him that a certain "boogie man" might come over if he didn't fall asleep, he closed his eyes almost right away. After finally opening Santa's presents in the morning, he turned towards the Christmas Tree and said "But we NEED more presents under the Christmas Tree!!" His dad then replied, "Well, do you want to return this presents and get new ones?" What does Tyler say, "Yes Daddy!"

Oh geez. They have created a MONSTER.

As we waited for my parents to arrive at the other grandparents' home, Tyler was so fussy, asking "Can we open presents now????" So impatient that boy, but when you look at his face, it's so hard to say no! Would you be able to?

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