Monday, December 14, 2009

What's Yours Is Mine & What Mine is Yours

I got my roommate SICK!!!!! Well, I don't know if I got her sick...I feel soo bad! I'm hoping hers won't be as bad mine was. Almost two weeks I was out! Tonight I loaded her with drugs, I hope they help her. I still have my cough, and I realized, NO singing in the car for me! What a bummer! Haha, since no one really APPRECIATES the wonders of my voice, I'm forced to sing in my car ONLY. Tonight I was belting out with Lady Gaga, and well...Let's just say I still need my Cold-eeze and hot tea.

On to the GOOD news! Our heater is working!!! After multiple calls to our landlord trying to convince him that really, REALLY, our heater wasn't working, he sent someone to fix it. Best feeling ever!!! But really, the best thing to happen after our heater finally working, is getting to sit for Isis again. She is the sweetest Siberian Husky, and I absolutely LOVE her to death. The feeling I get when I spend a lot of time with animals is just so overwhelming. It's indescribable. This weekend, I don't know why, was really especially awesome with her. I think because the more I sit for her the more she trusts me, and I get to know her better. She has the funniest personality. She's not the kind to like guys over girls, or adults to children. She's completely indifferent. She hates a big fuss, but freaks out when she hasn't seen you in a long time. And when she's in my car, she puts her head in between the side of the car and my headrest, just close enough rest her head on my shoulder. So precious!! Plus the way she curls up on my bed at night...Well, it's kind of like effing cute!!!

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