Monday, January 18, 2010

Chinese Is As Chinese Does

As I lay in bed watching Dexter, the doorbell rings. Who is there? Three Chinese women at my door, looking for a doctor. I am in NO WAY Chinese. I do not look Chinese, I do not speak Chinese. I am NOT Chinese. Do they care? NO. They yap away and I look at them in confusion. I say "I'm sorry, you have the wrong address." Them: "Blah, blah, blah Chinese" Me: "WRONG ADDRESS" They shove a piece of paper in my face that shows some kind of doctor's stationary and my address written on it, mistakenly, of course. They yap away again, I close the door, and they leave. I continue watching my show. About ten minutes later, they come back, ringing the doorbell more annoyingly...I freak out, staying in my bed, listening to them yap away. They are so loud!!! I'm afraid they'll push there way in if I open the door again, so I just don't move. They are there for like half an hour! They continued to ring the doorbell and yap away and I just hope that they leave because I want to get a Rock Star from the liquor store next door. I FB my situation asking if anyone knows Chinese and can tell me how to tell them to GO AWAY. FINALLY, they leave. But I am still nervous to the liquor store. I finally get a response, but too little too late. I finally got the guts to go next door, and when I open the door...NO ANGRY CHINESE WOMEN! Wahoo!! I think I need to start taking Chinese...Anyone know the main dialect in the Nob Hill area? Or is it a few? HELP ME!

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