Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Not Good Enough Tim, Not Good Enough...

Tim Cook must have heard the world groan in disappointment as the iPhone 5 was NOT announced this morning. The iPhone 4S seems pretty cool, but why not just call it the 5? Rumours have it that they are saving the 5 for next year, but why? What's the point? People have been waiting for the new version for over a year and half. Why buy the iPhone 4S now when an new phone will be coming out next year? Most people don't have the money to just dump down the drain, so they wait the two years until their upgrade is available. WHY ARE YOU SCREWING THIS UP FOR PEOPLE, TIM???? TELL US WHY!!!! The world is waiting...


  1. Apple works on a 2 year "Evolutionary, revolutionary" cycle for all their products - the iPhone included. The original iPhone was a bit of an anomaly, but they needed to make changes as it as their first attempt. From then, it was 3G (revolutionary) followed by 3GS (evolutionary.) 4 and 4s follow suit. It's the way the rest of their product line works as well. Major change, update, major change, update.

    It's actually similar to how a number of other industries work as well - BMW has been using this idea for a decade now. The current new models for the 5 and 3 series are really just evolved versions of the previous models. Yes, there are significant changes underneath (just like the iPhone) but this allows them to evolve the design and the internals independently, while still allowing for experimentation without too much repercussions.

  2. Good point of view. Thanks Barrett!